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Ah, here we go -- an actual substantive refutation of this pile of allegations. Take it for what it's worth. Thanks Google!

This page summarizes the charges and is highly critical of the Cox committee report and the circumstances surrounding it.
In brief, the Cox Committee report, like the Rumsfeld Commission before it, has taken a real problem and hyper-inflated it for political purposes.

The Committee had spent most of its time in 1998 investigating charges that critical technology was transferred to the PRC by major US corporations while using Chinese rockets to launch American satellites. Many in the Republican leadership had hoped this investigation would lead to impeachment charges against the President. A number of Republican leaders went to the floor of the House and Senate and accused the President of treason for allegedly facilitating this transfer of information. These charges could not be substantiated. The Cox Committee then hurriedly took testimony from only three witnesses on the nuclear weapons security issue: DOE intelligence official Notra Trulock, a CIA analyst, and a Los Alamos employee. The Cox report basically presents the Notra Trulock view of China, unchallenged and unbalanced.
So, apparently, this whole issue seems to have the same high standing as any number of made-up anti-Clinton tripe from the right. That is, none.