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Originally Posted by GlowingDarkness View Post
Just to clarify, I'm not a nice guy and neither is this about me. This has been interesting to me since I've been seeing it online on YouTube and other sites.

Apparently a good number of women don't like "nice guys" because lets be honest. Most of them whether it be due to biology or social conditioning are attracted to males who are confident. A sense of protection is what they go for. Even if it is completely false. Nice guys are often mistaken for being shy and unable to defend women from threats (Note: This isn't my opinion. It's just what I've read from evolutionary psychology)

But then I think that I as an open minded and deep thinker judging people by evolution is silly. Sure a lot of women might go for the traditional role, but people are individuals. And there are all types of women in the world who would date and marry nice guys. Hope is not lost for them

Yes. Nice guys don't get the sex they are owed because women go for bad boys. I've seen it on the internet too.