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Well, you're starting off on the right foot by questioning what you've read of evolutionary psychology, because evolutionary psychology is, at least based on the ''research'' I've seen, shit science. A favorite kind of shit science misogynists like to use to prop up their poor treatment of women.

Anyhow, define 'protection.' There is nowhere I feel safer than in my husband's arms. He is 5'7'' and 140 lbs. I have a wedding photo of his then teenage sister sweeping him into her arms and carrying him and spinning him along the ground in celebration. Maybe not your stereotypical definition of masculine, but he's a compassionate badass. Gentle, kind to everyone, almost always reasonable, so calm in a crisis.

The day he first kissed me, i was 19 and I had a panic attack. i had severe PTSD at the time. We had just hooked up and I broke up with him, sobbing, ''Sorry, I can't do this.'' He wasn't angry. I swear to fucking God, he drove an hour and half to see me, bought me flowers, everything, and here I am rejecting him and sobbing like a child. He pulled me into his arms and said, ''It's okay. I just want what's best for you.'' He stayed with me the entire night, expecting nothing.

It wasn't a one-shot miracle moment, either. That's his standard MO at all times. Compassion, understanding, acceptance. Compassion, understanding, acceptance. Over and over. Never fails.

I'm sure some ladies dig the assholes. As for me, I'll keep my nice guy.

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