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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
It seems to me that a belief that NK would ever give up its nukes is delusional. If that is a precondition for talks, then talks will never happen. If that is a non-negotiable treaty requirement, then the treaty will never be signed. If there are lesser deals that can be reached without NK giving up its nukes, then that is well and good. All this talk about denuclearization, demilitarization, and reunification is for the moment just pie in the sky. Baby steps first, but the toddler-in-chief is incapable of understanding that. He thinks this will get him the Nobel Prize but that isn't in the cards.
I don't see them giving up nukes either. At most, we may get some sort of limit to how many nukes, what types of nukes, and what sorts of numbers of delivery systems for the nukes.

But no nukes? Not gonna happen.

Just look at Libya after giving up nukes. Not so great. Look at Iraq, they tried to get nukes, but failed, then were invaded. Iran is being bullied around because of its lack of nukes, and we'll probably be at war with them before too long.

If you don't have nukes, yu aren't taken seriously. Kim isn't too stupid to see that.