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Originally Posted by RetroVertigo View Post
I'm back in.

Now that this has happened two years in a row to me (finishing 8th but getting the 8th pick) I'm realizing the crappy way we decide draft order in this league. I know the Consolation Playoff was supposed to help deter tanking, but I'm confused why we thought that when the bottom four teams get the top four spots automatically.

I come in 8th place by 50 pts and then lose the first round game to a better team. What incentive do I have to keep me from losing every game once I realize I'm not making the playoffs?
Originally Posted by SenorBeef
Hmm, didn't we change that a couple years ago, and then have to re-learn it last year? I didn't look too thoroughly in that case, but I thought we decided that only the winner would get the #5 slot and the rest would be reverse order of standings. I'm gonna have to dig around last year's thread to figure that out, which I won't be able to do for a while.
If it helps, I did the digging. Going back the last five years, we've done it the way it was listed in the first post. Back in the Year Nine thread, I actually laid this out specifically to avoid confusion about this (welp). This was also noted by Justin_Bailey in the Year Seven thread before the then-commissioner-and-now-missing-person-cold-case reiterated it later in the same thread.

I didn't go any farther back through the threads, but a search of the word "consolation" never turned up a proposal to change the draft order. For the record, I see the merit in changing it, and would not be opposed; however, I do think it should not change for this season.

And for my own reference next season, we don't snake the even rounds, dummy.