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Originally Posted by JKellyMap View Post
Thanks for reviving this. Yes, Trumpís hypocrisy is noteworthy. Richard Parkerís 2016 concerns about Hillary were reasonable and well articulated, but he (and others in the thread) rightly noted it was nothing like the incompetence and childish behavior that a President Trump would display.
Except that this was part of a bigger trend, articulated by a complicit mainstream media, that every negative about Trump had to be met with an equal negative about Hillary. Oh, you can add a hundred disclaimers, but like the errata on page 67 of the newspaper doesn't change much about the errors in the headline story in the preceding day's newspaper, it all added up to bullshit false equivalence which is the only reason we have president Trump.

I haven't changed my mind about the Clinton email (non) scandal (and neither should you).