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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
It is remarkable how many posters can only view this issue through a narrow lense of partisan point-scoring, responding to this thread as if Sean Hannity wrote it. I knew that would describe some responses, but I am mildly shocked at how widespread that sentiment is. It is bad news for our political health.
Originally Posted by JohnT View Post
As a Hillary supporter, even more importantly as an Obama and ACA supporter, I have absolutely no idea why this email issue should be worth more to me than the continued survival and expansion of the ACA, than the importance of keeping Trump (or any R) out of the White House, than the importance of having a solidly-progressive Supreme Court.

This thread, despite the tens of thousands of words expended, has not made that case. "Old Lady with power is bad at computer security" is far, far, far less important to me than keeping "you can still get quality health insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition" a rock-solid cornerstone of health insurance provisions.

So it is not "bad news", it is merely a weighing of priorities and long-term objectives for many of us, with those conclusions not matching your own.
Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Perfect response. Lol. Forget it, Richard Parker. It's Dopertown.
This exchange is particularly mirthful. LOL, "Dopertown", because I recognized a non-issue when I saw it, especially compared to the things listed.

But, no, I was in "Dopertown" because, let's see, I felt that HRC was far less a security risk... and offered a far better slate of policy positions... than Donald Trump, and viewed this bullshit issue through such a lens.

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