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Can't rename/delete file in C:\windows\system32

I need to rename or delete a file in C:\Windows\System32 and Windows is telling me I need permission to perform this action. However, I have Administrator priveleges, and for a "rename" there is no "run as Adminstrator" option. How can I do this?

I installed Outlook 2010 Beta and had a lot of trouble with it so I reinstalled Outlook 2003 (you can only have one version of Outlook installed at a time). When I reverted back to 2003 I get a message that there is a problem with MAPI32.DLL. Microsoft has a program called FIXMAPI.EXE that is supposed to fix this problem, but in my case it seems to do nothing at all. I ran Repair from the install disk and that didn't work either. So my next strategy was to remove or rename MAPI32.DLL and repair or reinstall. At this point Outlook will not run at all.