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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
No doubt a lot of people will be filtered out by what they've said and done on social media. Is that a bad thing? Our elected officials are only a very small fraction of the population, and they should be better than us as a whole. It's inherent in the concept that we must filter the population very aggressively in order to choose our leaders. Is this a worse filter than whatever else we'd be using?

Yes, obviously this was meant as a joke. And what that tells us is that he's the kind of guy who finds this sort of thing funny. Given the choice of a politician who finds this sort of thing funny or one who doesn't, I'll take the latter.
Recall that a few weeks ago, the Academy Awards chose Kevin Hart to host the Oscars this year. And shortly thereafter, he was dropped from the job due to some bad jokes on Twitter about homosexuality. And since then, they haven't been able to find anyone to take his place.

If a certain job means having every stupid or offensive thing a person has ever posted online or made public anywhere else will be dragged out in public at great length, and then used to wreck one's career, the number of people willing to do that job may suddenly drop. To zero, in some cases.

If the Democrats decide that every poorly chosen, decades-old joke by one of their politicians should be a career ender, they might likewise find that the number of people wanting to run for office as Democrats will decrease.