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Originally Posted by Riemann View Post
Slippery slope nonsense.

Perhaps it seems overly strict to you, but yes I do think any prospective candidate for high office should disclose to the voters every time they have shown such appalling judgment as to dress up in blackface and KKK outfit, pose for a photo, and be proud of the funny joke.
Itís not slippery slope at all. People really arenít thinking through the combination of eternal storage of video, text, and audio; global dissemination with social media; and demands for purity.

I donít think itís overly strict as it is counterproductive. If people donít feel there is redemption, especially for something thatís just very poor taste and isnít illegal, then you run the risk of people who decide itís not worth the effort to evolve. Itís a bit like prison. Do you want prison to strictly punish and be a place for retribution or should it be a place for rehabilitation?