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Originally Posted by Sitnam View Post
I really don't like pine trees so they're out, but I want to surround my new house with a small forest for privacy.[/q]
Non-conifer trees don't really provide much privacy. Within a short while, the canopy is going to be over your head, and then all that is between you and the neighbors it the trunk of the tree. If what you want it a fence/privacy wall, conifers give you the most cover.

[q]I'm short on cash at the moment and I have some patience, but would like at least some eye level coverage in a year or so, so they'll need to already have a head start (4'-5') and should be fast growers.
Unfortunately, coverage now and cheap usually don't go together.
If what you want is cheap, check out The Arbor Day foundation. You are probably a zone 4, so look for trees that will grow there.