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Originally Posted by aldiboronti View Post
As a republican opposed to monarchy in any form I regard Oliver Cromwell as one of the greatest Englishmen in history. None deserve more a statue outside the Houses of Parliament. If it were erected outside Buckingham Palace that might be a problem, although it could also be a salutary reminder to the inhabitants of the Palace that not all believe they have some sort of right to be regarded as better than the rest of us.
I think public sculpture and statues provide that "salutary reminder" in many situations.
We have Cromwell and various Kings and Queens to concentrate the minds of Parliament and monarchy alike that theirs is a precarious relationship. Military figures to represent the dirty business of killing people, pacifist, philanthropists, thinkers and leaders to represent that not all progress is made on the back of bloodshed and not all ideas have an easy ride or ready acceptance. Scientists, inventors and innovators who allow the world to function. Poets, writers and artists because there's no point safeguarding that world if there's nothing in it to enjoy.

And yes......among them should be despots, dictators and arseholes to remind us of previous mistakes and the progress made. I find the equation of statue=celebration to be simplistic and patronising.