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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post
Once we study the various active components of pot, I'm sure we'll find some demonstrated uses for it. But touting it as a fix for nearly everything then making physicians complicit in approving it remains ludicrous.
And we've just gotten some: Study finds CBD effective in treating heroin addiction. I'm sure we'll eventually get more, but probably more from Canada than the US.

Originally Posted by FloatyGimpy View Post
I bought my first CBD gummies today. I've been having a very hard time sleeping for the last month or so (menopause). I've tried Melatonin which definitely calmed my mind but it made me dizzy and nauseous. While I do fall asleep, I wake up two hours later wide awake and can't fall back to sleep.
Melatonin should be a prescription drug instead of an OTC "nutrition supplement". It's not innocuous; it can have significant side effects. I used to take it to help get to sleep. I'm not sure it actually did much for my insomnia, but eventually I heard that it can aggravate certain autoimmune diseases. In my case, I have a mild allergy to some pollen (don't know what kind) and a tendency to arthritis in my knuckles. At the time I heard about this side effect, those were getting worse. So I stopped taking the stuff and those things cleared up.