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So that was Stein, not Hillary. ...
It was Stein, with the help of a bunch of foolish Democrats to fund it.

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... A few celebrities. ...
They certainly weren't the only ones, just the most prominent example I could recall. This article says:

... thousands of protesters converged on state capitols across the country Monday, urging Republican electors to abandon their party's winning candidate.
This article says:

Donald Trump won last month’s presidential election. But many liberals and progressives are still clinging to one faint, almost-certainly-doomed hope that he can be blocked from the presidency — through the Electoral College.


Essentially, some Democratic electors pledged to Clinton — including several Bernie Sanders fans — want to block Trump from becoming president, because they view him as unfit for the office.

To this end, they’re arguing that electors should now, for the first time in centuries, take on their original intended role of making up their own minds to choose the president.

In the days after the election, the idea was tossed around that perhaps Trump electors could be convinced to vote for Clinton, since she had, after all, won the popular vote.

But it quickly became clear that that was a nonstarter. The electors pledged to Trump are generally staunch Republicans or conservatives who strongly dislike Clinton and do not want her to become president.

So a new idea emerged: Perhaps some Trump electors could be convinced to ditch him and vote instead for a Republican politician who wasn’t even on the ballot — someone like John Kasich or Mitt Romney.

This is the pitch from a group of electors calling themselves Hamilton Electors, in reference to the wildly popular Broadway musical. (Just kidding, they’re referencing a Federalist Paper in which Alexander Hamilton says that the Electoral College should be an “intermediate body” that’s less exposed to the people’s “heats and ferments.”)

So the Hamilton Electors — all but one of whom, so far, are Democrats pledged to vote for Clinton — are saying that they’re willing to defect from Clinton and cast their votes instead for a Republican alternative to Trump, and they’re urging Republican electors to unite with them.

The idea has caught fire in liberal social media circles...
Even the Colorado elector that's at the center of the court case that is the impetus for this thread, Michael Baca, wanted to vote for another Republican in a convoluted scheme to try to deny President Trump the office he won.

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No one officially objected. In every election a few people want to give speeches. that's not that same thing as a real objection, and note ...." with Biden gaveling them down for failure to follow the rules.".
No one had their objections sustained. The article says "House Democrats tried to object to electoral votes from multiples states". Sure, they're mostly incompetent fuckwits so their objections were ruled out of order, but like a lawyer saying "Objection!" and a judge saying "overruled", the objection was still "a real objection".

The article conclude with "But at the end of the day, despite the objections, Trump's election was certified by Congress."