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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
*I sent the book out to -- no lie -- over 350 agents. That's 350 targeted agents -- ones who have expressed an interest in this type of book, or who I had reason to think might handle one like this. I didn't send it willy-nilly to any agent, or any YA agent. None of them were interested, except one who liked it up until the ending. "Would you be interested if I changed the ending?" I asked. "No," they replied. So I found a publisher on my own. That's three books so far I've had published without an agent.

Sending query letters to agents is an utter waste of effort and time, or at least it is for some of us author-folk. I was approaching 2,000 query letters when I ceased to bother trying in that direction. Querying small publishers directly it's been more like 60 total, and that resulted in three signed contracts and nearly that many offers.

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