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If the "nice guy" has spine and common sense sure, no problem, but too often being a self professed "nice guy" is code for

"I bought you dinner and drinks.... so please, please fuck me"
"I'll do anything you want for some affection"
"I'm socially clueless and will probably embarrass you"

Any man who actually says (out loud) "I'm a nice guy" to a woman he is considering is either an incipient sociopath on the make or someone excusing their social awkwardness by being overly solicitous and fawning. Women desiring long(er) term relationships normally want caring and competence in one package. A man who will not set limits is a man who not be respected.

Having said this there is a point - Why You’re Not Married - where women may re-consider their options, but that's on a case by case basis. If you are not completely socially hapless and have decent hygiene and are not hideous after the age of 30 or so single women are often a lot more flexible in their parameters.

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