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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Help me understand something: If evolutionary physiology is real, why isn't evolutionary psychology? Do only bodies evolve but not brains/minds?
The problem with evo psych is the poor methodology. It usually starts with some observation about modern-day human behavior that is factual, for example, women tend to prefer the color pink. It then attributes an evolutionary cause to that observation to the absolute exclusion of all other possible factors. Women like pink because we once played the gatherer role and needed to attend to reddish colors in nature (see: berries.)

Let us completely ignore the fact that pink used to be associated with boys more than girls as recently as the 1800s. Let us completely negate any possible explanation for this observation other than an evolutionary one. Let us then conclude that any existing inequalities between genders exist because it's natural and good and anybody who wants to correct them is just railing against the inevitable essential differences between men and women.

That is why it's shit science.