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Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Good thing then that he is not a Socialist.
He pretty much is a socialist, he doesn't deny it. He just doesn't mean the same thing by it that Fox News does.
Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Bright side? The last thing we want is enthusiasm for the aging socialist. The reason he did so well in 2016 was low-turnout caucuses. Caucuses test strength among informed politically-active Democrats. This is a group that will be irrelevant in the election of November 2020. It is uninformed politically-confused "independents" who will choose our next President. Is an intelligent aging socialist who they want?
Sure, whatever, you're clearly the expert on beating Trump. Oh wait, College tuition is important to a lot of those independents and especially to younger voters. Oh wait, he can wrap himself in Green pretty well on Climate Change and related issues. Oh Wait, maybe coming off as the cranky but well informed uncle isn't the worst thing.