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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
HuffPost - Federal Employees Earn 50% More Than The Private Workforce

That was from a few years ago, but I doubt your "assuming that a government employee makes roughly the same financial decisions as the average American" is a valid assumption.
That's from the Huffpost and is doubtful at best and dreadfully biased.

More or less, in the same jobs, Feds are paid less, but it's made back by good benefits and job security. It's just that there arent many Part time minimum wage job in Government, thus over all, comparing all employees, the feds get more. Sure. Or if you compared FT workers with PT workers- not surprisingly, FT workers earn more.
Federal employee salaries on average lag behind those of similar private-sector workers by just under 32 percent, a pay advisory council has said, while also deciding to reassess how it annually reaches similar conclusions, which are at odds with the findings of other pay comparisons.

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