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You can forget about warp drive or Alcubierre drive!!

The Alcubierre warp drive is only one of the theoretical propulsion systems NASA is speculating about ( ), and it has many problems. It would require negative mass (not the same thing as antimatter), which we have no reason to suppose exists, and it's thought that, although the Alcubierre metric is a Lorentzian manifold (allowed by General Relativity), it would not be allowed by a quantum theory of gravity. Another objection is that it would need to be powered by a ridiculous amount of negative energy (which may not be something which can exist), equivalent (-E = -mc^2) to more negative mass than the equivalent positive mass of the entire Universe.

But, supposing there was a way round the various problems, what effect would the AWD have on the space around it? The warp bubble boundary would generate enormous tidal forces which would be catastrophic for any nearby body, and it's also thought that it would create a shockwave of highly energetic particles in front of it which would destroy whatever was at its destination.