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Yow. I just realized I claimed something that wasn't true.

Some forty years ago, I was travelling around and took a temporary job on the other side of the country. When I went to cash my paycheck, the bank it was issued on wouldn't cash it unless I let them take a fingerprint. I pointed out that it would do them no good because my fingerprints were nowhere on file. The clerk said they'd taken them when I got my driver's license. I had my mouth open to say 'Not in New York State they don't!' when I realized that was probably only going to result in their refusing to cash the check.

So somewhere in California, forty years ago, a bank had one of my fingerprints. I have no idea whether they've still got it, or whether that bank still exists (I don't remember its name.)

Apologies for the hijack and for the error.

-- hmm. try again.

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