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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I guess I'm wondering, did Biden really cross lines incontrovertibly, or is it simply a matter of a new era, with new ground rules? ...
I honestly don't see Democrats talking in terms of 'lines crossed incontrovertibly.' It's much more a conversation about Biden appearing not to understand that there's something questionable about laying hands on people you barely know (without their invitation).

If Biden isn't able to wrap his mind around this new-to-him concept, then what other concepts not widespread in his long-ago youth will he simply refuse to consider? That's the discussion.

I suspect a lot of people want to pretend that the Democrats are preparing to condemn every white male born before 1999 and everything those white males have ever done----because that provides an occasion for righteous indignation. Those crazy Democrats! Totally unfair! Ridiculous expectations! Etc. etc. You can't enjoy a good bout of what do these unreasonable people expect, perfect 'wokeness'? if you acknowledge what's really the issue being debated here. (Which is Biden's actions and remarks NOW, not what Biden may have done years ago.)