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Now Pete is in the frontrunner tier he is facing real backlash. Up to recently he kind of got by against his rivals who treated his rising polls as a flash in the pan like Harris.

Well Iowa is less than 100 days away. He's here to stay.

And the common attack I am seeing on social media is not his poor appeal with black voters which needs to improve for him to have any chance in the South --- even if he wins Iowa. Iowa is overwhelmingly white.

The common attack I'm seeing is he is a poll tested candidate whose positions have changed with the wind. I think it's not a bad strategy to have shifted from trying to be progressive-left to vying for the Biden alternative spot...but the problem is authenticity. He's the guy on record supporting Medicare For All in 2018 but in 2019 attacks it. He's the guy who said in the early debate "no matter what we say the republicans will call us socialists" to saying Beto's gun comments will give the republicans campaign add fodder. He's the guy who says Biden represents going back to the old normal which is better than Trump of course but helped rise the fuel for a Trump like candidate to win. Yet his platform is pretty similar to Biden's. He's just got a face 40 years younger to sell it.

Experience wise South Bend is 15 times smaller than San Antonio were Julian "struggling to hold 1%" Castro was Mayor.

Pete's a great debater no doubt. He has the Bill Clinton trait of being the coolest man in the room even when everyone else is flaming. But now he is in the top tier expect this to be the focus in vetting Pete: what do you actually stand for?