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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
A openly gay guy wont play in Peoria in 2020.
The irony is Peoria is located in Illinois, one of the safest blue states in the nation. It doesn't matter if he plays in Peoria. Literally any one of the democrats running will carry Illinois.

He only needs to be competitive in the dozen or so swing states. Can he do that? No, and it's not because he is gay. It's because he looks like and talks like the overpaid, overeducated middle management guy that fired you once. When he speaks, it warms the hearts of college-educated liberals, while conversely making the eyes of working class voters glaze over.

And of course, if he somehow becomes the nominee, every black voter's social media feed will be inundated with all manner of anti-Pete propaganda. Nothing but concern-trolling news articles and memes shared by bots about how allegedly racist his tenure as South Bend mayor was, all the way until election day. The "Mayor Pete is a white supremacist who protects killer cops and gentrifies black people out of their homes" seed has already been planted, which is obvious if you just glance at what prominent leftwing voices and their followers say whenever Pete comes up. He is currently polling at an impressive 0% among black voters, and by election day he would probably end up with record low AA turnout for the Dems.

The current top 4 are deeply flawed, which is why Dem elites are getting desperate & floating even more names that should still enter the already hilariously overstuffed primary race. Bloomberg, Patrick, Holder, even Clinton. It's like watching a slow-motion car wreck. The sad thing is there were good candidates running once, but they had the wisdom to drop out (and this basic commen sense makes them seem even more qualifed to be president than the dozen also-rans currently polling in the single digits). Jay Inslee looks like a retired star quarterback and his square jaw alone could turn unthinkable states blue. Hickenlooper is a hip former beer brewer and former governor of one of the most desirable places to live in the US. Tim Ryan was uniquely suited to winning back the Midwest and he might've even flipped Ohio. These guys are idealogically diverse, but none of that matters. The average American voter can't even explain the differences between the 2 major parties if asked, much less even tell you what the difference is between a centrist democrat or progressive one. All that matters is who they want to have a beer with.

No one wants to have a beer with the 4 front-runners. The two old-timers might drop dead from mixing alcohol with their medications, and the other two seem likey they might rat you out to your boss for driving tipsy.

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