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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
The common attack I'm seeing is he is a poll tested candidate whose positions have changed with the wind. I think it's not a bad strategy to have shifted from trying to be progressive-left to vying for the Biden alternative spot...but the problem is authenticity. He's the guy on record supporting Medicare For All in 2018 but in 2019 attacks it.
Actually, as recently as April 2019 - this spring - he was describing M4A as the compromise position: "Single-payer, which is very much a compromise position between nationalized medicine and fully private payer and provider...that's the middle ground" and describing Obamacare as a "conservative tweak to our health care system...cooked up in the Heritage Foundation and piloted by a Republican governor."

So support of single-payer was his position for years, right up to April of this year, and by September he wasn't just going, "I've changed my mind," but going on the attack against other candidates who supported it.

So he now thinks his long-held position, which he was arguing for just eight months ago, is now not merely less than the best choice, but rather it's unreasonable. Other people shouldn't hold this position that was his for so long and until so recently.

That's quite a swing in a short time.

Completely aside from the perfectly reasonable suspicion that all that health-care lobby money caused him to change his mind, one must ask what other positions he might abandon, and turn around and attack, that he appears to be solidly behind at the moment.

I'm not a big fan of Biden, but I at least know what he's about. I can't say the same about Mayor Pete.