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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
... I'm also not at all sure he's going to be able to break through the scrum in Iowa.
I'm not sure he's even going to try to.

Skip Iowa and there are no expectations of your performance there. His (unlikely) path depends on his New Hampshire performance in the face of a possible Biden bomb.

He's depending on, well, voters like me. Voters who care most about electability.

Biden's underwhelming debate performance had me moving to the candidate I had as back-up quarterback in my list - Warren - who I concluded was also electable with a different appeal. But her all in on MfA is to voters like me very bad in many ways, inclusive of making her much less electable. She has driven voters like me away. So I doubled back to hoping that Biden gets his shit together. If he totally crumps then we'd be looking at Klochbuchar but she is short on charisma. So we are still looking for a back-up quarterback. Buttigieg too young, too untested and no particular good theory supporting why he'd be electable. The ONLY demographic that really likes him is college educated whites, and electability is contingent on hitting more than one of other important groups, be it Obama level Black turnout, or appeal to NCEW voters enough to undercut GOP margins there, or driving young voter and/or Hispanic turnout to unprecedented levels ...

Patrick being a fairly "moderate Governor or Senator between the ages of about 45 and 60" ... or close enough (he's 63) is certainly a plus. More so he has the charisma that Klobuchar lacks.