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Originally Posted by Inbred Mm domesticus View Post
Indentured servants? I’d bet he believes the Civil War was about States’ Rights and calls it the War of Northern Aggression.
He's technically correct, apparently, but that was a pretty dumb thing to say.
That same year [1619], the first Africans (around 50 men, women and children) arrived in the English settlement; they had been on a Portuguese slave ship captured in the West Indies and brought to the Jamestown region. They worked as indentured servants at first (the race-based slavery system developed in North America in the 1680s) and were most likely put to work picking tobacco.

Eta: ninja'd!

He did acknowledge that in the interview:
Well, it has been a difficult week,” Northam said. “And — and, you know, if you look at Virginia’s history we’re now at the 400-year anniversary, just 90 miles from here in 1619 the first indentured servants from Africa landed on our shores in Old Point Comfort, what we call now Fort Monroe.”

CBS interviewer Gayle King interjected: “Also known as slavery.”

“Yes,” Northam said.

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