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Originally Posted by GoodOmens View Post
Neither one explains the "lodestar" thing, though.
I don't think the letter was written to comfort the people that there are "adults on watch", it was written to strike paranoia into Trump's head. Making it seem like the VP is out there rallying the rest of the cabinet to start considering the 25th Amendment seems like a pretty sure-fire way to accomplish that. I would imagine the goal, then, being to make him implode.

That said, one thing that I've been impressed with Trump on is that - whatever he does in private - he's pretty good at keeping his cool in the public eye. It's hard to get a gauge on how much any one piece of news really hits him. I keep hoping for clear insanity to find its way into his tweets, but so far he's still keeping strong. That's probably the only thing keeping his approval rating up.

The man has decades of practice, of course. He's almost certainly been in extreme debt and living a lie since the 80s, only steps away from being outed as a failure and going to jail for the rest of his life.

He had people threatening the wife and kids of a creditor back in 2009, he was so scared out of his mind at the impact of the $1.25b debt that the Trump Organization owed, and yet he appears completely calm on the camera, with David Letterman, at the same time that call was being made, claiming that he had no debts and that it was only a bunch of other suckers who had lost it all.

I'm not sure that I'm confident that he can be paranoided into distraction in the same way that Nixon was. Nixon started to break down, and that's what allowed people to believe that he was guilty and needed to be removed. With Trump, obviously we can hope, but I think that criminal evidence is going to have to rule the day.

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