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The issue about stashing someone on IR during the draft is not a balance issue; it's a mechanical one. We can't exit the draft with more than 25 players, so nobody technically has IR spots until the draft is finalized. For the same reason as why we eventually got rid of the supplemental draft, it's needlessly complicated to implement and the alternative is what generates interesting choice. If someone is on IR and you want to keep them, it takes up a roster spot at the expense of a pick until after the draft, and then you have to compete on the first week's waiver wire. So the choice, as manager, is whether that stash is worth competing for a late round pick in a FAAB system. Otherwise, it is a free draft pick that carries all sorts of additional rules clarifications to deal with (is a retired player on I.R.?).

For the record, I didn't get picks for the one (or two?) player(s) I had on IR during last year's draft, either.