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Originally Posted by Saintly Loser View Post
Yes, but...

She's 85.

Admittedly my views on this are colored by the fact that I've become my 85-year-old father's caretaker.

And here's the thing. He too is a federal judge (district court), on inactive status. He is in no way competent to be a judge anymore.

He's exactly the same age as Justice Ginsberg (and, in fact, was in her class at Columbia Law, and knows her slightly). And I know there's no way he should be on the bench.

I really, really worry about the competence of anyone at that age. I worry about Bernie Sanders getting elected.

I know, there are exceptions, and RBG is probably one of them. But still...

I agree with you about both cases but the weird politics of the SCOTUS require that we try to hang on. I really like the proposal to make terms 18 years long and have one be up every two years. This would also stop making presidents feel like they need to put really young people on the Court when someone more seasoned would be better.