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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
I choose not to look at his name ever again. If you want to comment on him, I ask that you use a euphemism, e.g. HD or The-Asshole-who-shouldnt-be-named. On or after this date if I see any post that contains his name (whether full, first or last), The poster who allowed HD's name to appear will also be placed on my Ignore list.

If you must quote one of his posts, and you want me to place you on my Ignore list, no action is required. If/when I see that post, you will be placed on Ignore. If you don't want to be Ignored, go into the generated script and replace his full name with "HD" or a ".". (If you post in a thread started by HD, no action is required — I never read such threads.)

I do not know whether the Board's software allows me to exchange PMs with someone on my Ignore list. I will post additions to my Ignore list in this thread. If you see your name as Ignored here, promise to stop quoting HD posts, and want me to read your posts, PM me (if allowed) and I will take you off the Ignore list.
Oh, for fuck's sake, what childishness.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bee...I mean HurricaneDitka. There, I said it.

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