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Originally Posted by Great Antibob View Post
Almost certainly all of them are bleached white and probably falling apart. Even the "newest" of them has been on the moon over 40 years, under unfiltered UV exposure from ample sunlight without any atmosphere to absorb it. Flags on earth fade under much gentler conditions in far less time. And they weren't specially made flags or anything like that. They're normal nylon flags of the sort you'd find at a store.

We have relatively recent images showing flag poles are still up and there's probably some cloth hanging from some of them, but that's it. That's shocking enough on its own. The working assumption was that the flags would have long since disintegrated from the harsh conditions. They're almost certainly tattered. Not enough resolution too see if the stars and stripes are visible, but it's nigh impossible any color survived.
I think the Uniform Flag Code mandates that we mount an expedition to the moon to dispose of the flag in a responsible and respectful manner. This issue should be made top priority during this campaign season.