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1. I go to buy a V-neck sweater (that's not the silly part ). In the store they had many colors, and I thought I'd better buy a color I don't already own, to get maximum utility from it. Light gray really seemed to suit me, so I bought it.
Well, you know where this story is going...I hang it in my wardrobe, and then notice the item right behind it is an identical light gray V-neck sweater.

2. Borrowed a friend's car. I couldn't get the electric windows to wind down, and being as it was an old car, I figured the mechanism was just broken.
I actually almost got into an accident, because the inside of the car started to fog up (titanic style) and I couldn't get the air to circulate either.
Later I realized (thank god I realized on my own and didn't complain to my friend), that I had been pressing the close window button.

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