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Originally Posted by teela brown View Post
I've posted this one before.

I once craved some homemade pasta, and spent a long time making the dough, kneading it, rolling it out, and cutting it into narrow tagliatelle. It cooked up beautifully, and I poured it out carefully into a colander in the sink. When I lifted up the colander to give it a toss or two to help drain it, I lost my grip and the colander flipped neatly over and the whole mass of hot pasta slithered down into the dirty garbage disposal.

Since I had some good sauce ready, I had to cook up some dry pasta out of the cupboard for dinner that night. It just wasn't the same.
That reminds me just a couple weeks ago I made some braised chicken thighs. Being healthy I was willing to forgo the Chicken fat, but not being an idiot I wasn't going to waste the rest of the drippings. So I my colander out to be ready to strain and separate. 20 minutes or so later I was ready to strain the liquid but I couldn't find my colander anymore. I finally gave up and grabbed a hand help wire strainer and strained the liquid into a bowl in the sink. Just as the last of the liquid drained through the strainer I found my colander again. It was the "bowl" in the sink.
Yum Yum, two dirty strainers, and a spent bay leaf and some ribbons of lemon zest are all to show for it.

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