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Im sorry but there is great confusion on leet speak here.

1. The origins:

We owe leet speak to our wonderful friend JeffK. JeffK is a pardoy ( I hope you figured that out) of a generic AOL using wanna be hacker script kiddie. The kind of kid that has watched Hackers one to many times. Leet Speak would not be what it is today if it wasnt for JeffK. Lowtax (creator of JeffK) probely didn't create Leet Speak but he can be credited with making it what it has become.

2. Not all examples given here are really leet speak.

Leet speak would be something like this: H4N H4N J00 4R3 73H 10054R W007 W007!!!!!!!!

Things like abreviating words like r, lol, rofl, stfu, etc, etc are just general online irc/instant message user abbreviations.

Stuff like this: "HELO FAGORTSAND WELLCOEM TOO MY NEW AND EMPROVED HOEMAPEG!!!!" is lowtag/JeffK making fun of 14 year old aol kiddies who think they are cool.

3. Lastly, anyone who thinks its cool to use leet speak is moron. Only use it to mock those who use seriously. I am a 17 year old (hardcore) gamer so dont think this view is a generation gap kinda thing.

im sorry if anything doesnt make sense or is unexplained, i havent slept well in weeks.