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Originally posted by Solomon7t
2. Not all examples given here are really leet speak.
Leet speak would be something like this: H4N H4N J00 4R3 73H 10054R W007 W007!!!!!!!!
Things like abreviating words like r, lol, rofl, stfu, etc, etc are just general online irc/instant message user abbreviations.
Excellent point, Solomon. I also don't think leetspeak grew out of the need to type more quickly or conserve space. There are many examples of shortened words in leetspeak, but just as many (if not more) lengthened variations: hacked = h4x0r3d, w=\/\/, m=|\/|, t = + (shifted chars are slower). And as good as these script kiddies may be, I doubt any of them could type leet (of any great length) faster than the normal english they grew up with.