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My tats were also chosen after some deliberation. For me, they are an immediate signal to those who see them that says "this is the type of guy you are talking to".

The peace sign is on my right arm. Peace is right. This is the way I try and conduct myself: peacably. Although I am a fairly confrontational person, I don't bully people, I don't coerce, and I don't allow that to happen to me. The rainbow color scheme was inspired by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition... no, I didn't ever do anything with them, I just liked the idea that the name was all-inclusive. I'd like to see all peoples get along with each other. Plus, I mean, come on... rainbows look cool.

The anarchy sign is on my left arm. Anarchy is what's left. This is my commitment to self-sufficiency and self-governance. A declaration, if you will, that I am and will be responsible for myself and my actions.

Of course, the seeming dichotomy/disparity of the 2 tats sends lots of people into a tizzie, and even scares a few, but all-in-all that doesn't bother me. If someone can't "get it" then they prolly aren't people I would want to hang out with anyway. Some of the inspiration for them undoubtedly came from many readings of Robert Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress and Professor de la Paz's discussions of Rational Anarchy (I know it's not practical in real life, but I like having an ideal to strive for, eh).

I also want: the entire Appalachian Trail on my right thigh, but only after I complete it (1878 miles to go! approximately). Also the trail to Havasupai, from Hualapai Hilltop all the way down to the Colorado River (this is the most beautiful, amazing place I have ever been to... I have spent 42 days of my life down there, and I intend to spend more than a year total in that canyon before I die). The other one I have ready to go is this picture on my upper back and lower neck. It's a depiction of the Alaskan sun god by Joe Wilson. I like the colors, the imagery, and the notion of paying homage to something that is not just an essential part of life as we know it, but a source of beauty and strength as well.

As an aside, I don't find many people with just one tattoo. They are addicting, and it doesn't take long after the first one that people start thinking about another. Is that true for people here? (Sorry for the minor hijack, Misnomer.)