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My tattoos are for me, but I never fail to get a kick out of the facial expressions of little old ladies when they see my leg piece. In addition to a dolphin (left breast), Shaman's Tears (inside right ankle) and a pink flamingo (outside right ankle) I have a waterfall with flowers from my left hip to ankle. It is basically a work-in-progress; my artist and I decided on it when I realized I liked tattoos and didn't want to end up looking like a comic book, with different pics here and there.

With the exception of my dolphin, all of my tattoos are on my legs - I can wear slacks or dark hose and look just as respectable as anyone could want. Or I can wear shorts and rock someone's world. It's just a matter of mood.

When I was working for the local Humane Society, I stopped by my artist's shop to pick up a change collection can and leave another one. While I waited to speak to Falcon, I was chatting with a young lady who was there to have her tongue pierced. >>shudder<< I commented that I loved my tattoos but that I wouldn't consider a tongue piercing. The young lady said, in a very condesending manner, "oh you have a tattoo" - so I hiked up my skirt and showed her. I guess she was expecting a ladybug on my ankle or something, cause she freaked out. "Wow - to look at you I would never have guessed." I like having that choice - I can keep them private or I can be biker bitch from hell.