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My first two tattoos were just for me. I got my purple daisy peace sign when I was 18, mainly because I'd been wanting a tattoo for a long time, and I wanted to piss my mom off. Boy did it work! Sometimes I wish I'd gotten something a bit prettier.

I got the second when I was 23 (?). I chose a sprig of holly because uh, that's my name. I did a bit more research and took the design out of a botany book from the library. I wanted it because for the first time in my life, I felt like my own person.

The third is a celtic heart with a bumble bee and blue delphinium. I got at age 27, in honor of my dad after he died in September of 2003. The blue delphinium because those were some of the flowers used in the funeral arrangement I bought, and the bee symbolizes his life and his generosity. If that doesn't make sense, here is my logic: Bees pollinate flowers, resulting in more flowers. Silly, I know. Holly & Dad tattoos.

My husband and I are planning on getting matching tattoos some time in the future. They'll probably feature the St. Andrew's Cross and American flag.

Bumper stickers? I have a Coop devil chick (no nudity) in my back window, and a GB sticker on the bumper.