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Mine is for me, for a few reasons. I've wanted one since I started hanging out with biker types. I never knew what design I wanted, and never seriously decided to get one. I was stopped a few times when I was drunk, to which I'm grateful.

Then my lifestyle changed, and I married a (much to my dismay) a control freak. A tat was a definite no-no. As many of you know, he passed away 2-1/2 years ago.

My present to myself the following Christmas was a tattoo on my right shoulder. It's a blue scorpion (I'm a Scorpio) with a red rose in it's claw. My design. It's very cool!

So I sorta got it as a neener-neener to my late husband. And my boyfriend at the time (my now husband) thought I should do whatever I wanted to do regarding a tat. He thinks it's great!

My dad would be very disappointed if he knew I had one, so I don't let him see it. He's 81, and very old school. No need to upset him.

I figure I'm 46, and I can do what the hell I want. And I'm thinking what to get next!