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I have one on my right leg just above the ankle. It's a sort-of Celtic border that I reshaped into a circle. It doesn't have much meaning, but I got it for me as a reminder of a happy time in my life.

My next will be for me and my wife (we've been married about 2 months). We went to the US Virgin Islands for our honeymoon, and while there ended up swimming with a sea turtle for an afternoon. It was just me, my wife, and this beautiful turtle hanging out in the ocean. It was an amazing experience. I'm still sketching the tat, but it's going to be a sea turtle (not too realistic, and somehow keeping with the Celtic design of my first one) with a shell pattern modeled on the St. John Petroglyphs. I'm toying with having two mirroring petroglyphs to make up the shell. It will probably end up being about as big as my hand, and going on my left calf. Should be pretty neat.