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Originally Posted by WhyNot
<snip> My third was the most intense, but is also the most visible, and the most "for others." But it's also for me. When I realized my calling as Priestess, I had a ceremony which included ritual drumming and this tattoo. It's on my sternum, visible in most necklines. It's a crescent moon and a star - but the star is a cross. It represents my dedication to being "out" as a pagan, by respect for all paths of spirituality, including neopaganism, Christianity and Islam (finding a Jewish symbol for a tattoo seems ... well ... inconsistent.), and my wililngness to serve others in any Spiritual manner asked. <snip>
[hijack] WhyNot, when I read this description, I immediately thought of a clothing line I saw on TV a week or so ago. It's called Coexist. They use the crescent moon for the C, Star of David for the X, and christian cross for the T. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever; I just thought you might find their designs interesting. The website is WARNING - Flash site, takes a while to load.


I have no tattoos, though I want one.