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I only have one tattoo, which I got for me. I really don't like it. It's a kanji symbol, flash (though I did research beforehand to make sure it was accurate, though you can never know for sure), for "change." I was nineteen and since then I've become aware of the possible mis-appropriation of culture that comes with white people getting kanji tattoos, so I'm a little ashamed of it. I'm planning a cover-up but I can't find anything I like that utilizes a lot of black. The tattoo is small (1"x1") and on my right hip, so nobody sees it unless I wear a bathing suit or something, which I never do.

I am getting another one though, as soon as summer ends (I have heard that it's best not to get tattoos in the dead of summer, as heat can affect the fresh ink even if you keep it out of direct sunlight... sounds a little over-cautious but better safe than sorry). It's going to be a blue typewriter on my upper back, a little bit north of the space between my shoulder blades (but below the shirt line), not much larger than the one I have now. I'm a writer and I wanted to get something related to that, and quills are so overplayed. I also want to get a black skeleton key on the back of my right leg, but I'm a little worried about job issues. Although, I do almost always wear pants and if I do wear skirts I always wear dark hose, so maybe a leg tattoo wouldn't be such a big problem job-wise.