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I have a plain wooden cross on the inside of my left ankle, with a white rose and a yellow rose around it. Got it shortly after I turned 18.

It's meaning for me is to remind me that Jesus is always with me. I like it because I'm not a strict Christian but the idea of having "a friend in Jesus" is pretty darn comforting.

The yellow rose is my parent's rose (their wedding rose, meaning friendship) and the white rose symbolizes me - purity

8 years later I have still not regretted getting it. I love it every day. I do want more - I want to get a "group tattoo" with my cousins (the word "cousins" in Slovak) and an addition to my current tattoo the text "2 Corinthians 12:10" for a very inspirational Bible verse.

I got it on the inside of my left ankle so it would be least noticeable but noticeable enough (I think it looks beautiful) so that not everyone would miss it. Also it's the one part of my body that's not stretched from fat