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It's the darndest thing. I swear I replied to this thread earlier today. So very weird. But apparently I only looked at it and thought about replying.

I don't have the tattoo yet, but it is in planning. And it will be for me. The plan is for me to lose a fair bit of weight, (healthily and safely). The amount of weight I need to lose according to the government is ludicrous, but I do admit for health reasons I need to lose weight.

Anyways, so if I lose the target weight, I'll declare victory and I'll get the number of pounds lost (the goal is 40. Like I said, it's a long road). I'll take that number and convert it to binary, and I'll then get the number repeating tattooed around my wrist like a bracelet. A constant reminder of what I did and what I accomplished, and how I never want to weigh that much again.

So this tattoo would be for me.