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Originally Posted by Misnomer
I get what you mean, but I don't think you should be ashamed of anything that you got (or did) with pure intentions. Just my $0.02.
I get a lot of crap from people about my tattoo. Especially family members. I finally had to say, "I did not do this to be rebellious. I did this because I wanted it." It shut some people up, but not all of them. I got it on such a visible area that everyone has to say something about it. I don't mind that; it's obviously going to happen. I just get tired of the people who see my arm all the time saying the same things about it. (Funnily enough, no one ever hassled me about it in church.) Since I entered college, the family hounding ran along the lines of, "You'll never get a job in your field with that thing on your arm." I'm thin-skinned, so it's gotten to me. Then there was the time I was helping one of my cousins take a bath. She was about five at the time. She tried to wash the tattoo off my arm.

I would like to get a few others in less visible places. I've always liked the look of ladybugs, and I'd like to get a very small one on either shoulder blade. I'm a Libra, and I'm also attracted to the idea of getting a Justice figure holding aloft a scale, on whichever shoulder didn't have the bug.

My tattoo is sort of a fidget item for me. I scratch and rub it when I'm thinking, and I've found myself subconsciously tracing it with my finger any number of times.