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Originally Posted by Mangosteen
Does any one know the back story on this song?

Just what was Tiny Tim thinking when he decided to put this song out?

First he makes light of the AIDS epidemic and then he brings Santa Claus into it!

I know the song was released in 1985, but wasn't AIDS a serious problem even back then? His other songs weren't controversial like this one. I mean how does he go from "Tip Toe In The Tulips" to "Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS This Year"?
First, Tiny Tim was one of those celebrities who was even weirder in real life than on stage. No, his real personality was not the same as his on-stage persona, but it was strange in a completely different way.

I don't THINK it was supposed to be a joke... or if it was, it Tiny had no idea what AIDS involved. He seemed to think that AIDS was something like a bad cold, so that Santa could just rest up and come back good as new next year.