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In TT's defense, it wasn't the unspeakable faux pas it would be considered today. In '85 AIDS was still thought of in several ways:

The AIDS virus. Virus? Have some chicken soup then. You'll feel better in the morning.

A rare and unknown affliction among two main groups. NothingIMBY... What's the hardest thing about getting AIDS?
Convincing your mother you are Haitian.

It was even still known as the "Gay Cancer". The gay community knew damn well how serious it was, but mainstream America didn't. A large portion didn't even care. "God's punishment on 'em". Again, nothing that affects "us". I hate to say this about such a close past history thing, it seems positively PC compared to real past public attitudes... but in '85, it was NOT a kinder gentler time. They were just fags. Outcasts. "Those people."