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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
I personally don't think Joe's an actual creep, but I still don't think he really 'gets it' in terms of why he made women uncomfortable in the first place, and I also feel like he missed an opportunity to sound more genuine than how he sounded in his twitter apology.

I don't think he can win. Joe's got a long political history, with lots of video tape that can be edited and a long voting record that can be edited and spliced as well. Joe's political identity for most of his career was blue-dog democrat - something that today's Democratic party doesn't really identify with. He can't change his identity in a way that could be perceived as being authentic. The only reason people are even talking about him is because the pundits have been talking up the electoral math and 'what if's' since November 9, 2016. But that's in the past, and so is Biden.
I think this is the best summation of my feelings about it. He is a good man, but his prime time is past. The last point at which he could have gone for it was derailed by circumstances. The day Obama put that PMF around his neck should have been the signal to ride into the sunset in honored esteem.

In any case, IMO it is better that if anyone's got ANYTHING that can be brought up against them, bad, ugly, dumb, trivial or significant, it be brought up now, early, so candidates can deal with it now and not at the convention or as October surprises. If the candidate overcomes it, it's a plus; if s/he feels it's not worth it, it spares expense and effort later on.

ISTM many people who were looking to Joe for 2020 AND many people who did not want Joe for 2020 were both thinking of him as neutralizing the Dem "new left", being the old mainstream Dem who would not be portrayed as a scary leftist and could go toe-to-toe with Trump for the WWC.