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Originally Posted by Fiddle Peghead View Post
Will it be held against me if I don't have time right this moment to read the whole thread but want to ask a question that might have been answered already? Here goes: define exactly what you mean by downloading my consciousness, or I simply have no way to reply.

Can't speak for anyone else, but I interpret it as creating a process inside a computer that has the same thoughts and memories and beliefs and such as you do, and has a separate conscious awareness of its reality from the one you have. Since he has all the same memories as you he will quite naturally think he is you, until somebody convinces him otherwise.

What it's not, is the digitizing of the whole physical person a la Tron. I mean you could do that, but it really just amounts to destroying the original person as part of the process of scanning them for the information to make the digital copy. (And putting that copy in a fancy sci-fi outfit in the process.) Of course the Tron scenario allows for some confusion/obfuscation of whether some kind of immortal soul left over from the now-disintegrated person somehow locates and attaches itself to the simulated digital avatar, which honestly just seems rife with implementation problems. (Especially since they were just trying to copy an apple.)